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Make Task

What’s a ‘Make’ Task?

In these tasks you have to use the skills learned in the previous exercises to create a new program based on the requirements below.

Task Instructions – Beat The Zombie

This task requires you to use lots of skills from earlier lessons. Don’t be afraid to look at your old code, google ideas and have fun with the dialogue. Good luck!

Write a program that simulates an encounter with a zombie in a video game.

  • Create a list of possible weapons you can use against a zombie.
  • In a variable called ‘zombieWeakness’ store the name of one of the weapons from the list.
  • Output messages telling the user that they have encountered a zombie and should prepare to fight.
  • Output the list of weapons to the user. Ask if they want to type 1 to use one from the list or 2 to pick their own.
    • If they type 1 then they should input the weapon name – store it to a new variable.
    • If they type 2 they should input the weapon name – add it to the list and save it to a new variable.
  • If the weapon picked matches the zombieWeakness, output a message telling the user that they have won the fight.
    • Otherwise output a message saying that they have lost.

List Operations – Reference Table

Output item Outputs a single item from the array. print(arrayName[itemIndex])

Edit item Changes or replaces an item in an array. arrayName[itemIndex] = New data

sweets[1] = “Haribo”
Add an item Puts a new item onto the end of the array arrayName.append(new data)

Remove an item Removes an item from the array arrayName.pop(itemIndex)

Output all items Outputs every item in the array one by one using a loop. for i in range(0, len(arrayName)):

for i in range(0, len(sweets)):


#This is a nice built in Python shortcut, but you need to know how to do the for loop version for the exam.


Help! My code doesn’t work

Make sure that you check for the following things:

  • The list name is identical everywhere it is used (capitals matter)
  • List index is surrounded by square brackets
  • List indexing starts at zero – are you counting properly?