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Search A List

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Predict and Run

What’s a Predict & Run task?

In these tasks you will be given one or more examples of code.

  • Look at each example , study it carefully.
  • Write a prediction of what it will do when it runs. Your prediction should be added to the code as comments.
  • Run the code, compare what happens to your prediction.
  • Add comments to note down and differences between your prediction and what actually happened.

Help! My code doesn’t work

Make sure that you check for the following things:

  • Square brackets for items in the list
  • Commas between each item in the list.
  • String items are in quotation marks
  • Range – the end value is NOT included in the output.
  • Search – not initialising counter OUTSIDE the loop.
  • Search – not incrementing counter INSIDE the loop.