rafting is fun for all
  • Learning to Code
  • Hackathons
  • Games & Fun!

Every week when you arrive at the Coder Gym you will have a chance to work on your own coding project. When you arrive, pick a computer and use your login user name and password to get started! 

Don’t forget to ask your parents to sign you up for our monthly “Hackathon” and “Game Night”. We get together once a month for a fun two hour coding challenge called “Hack-a-Thon”, and we get together every month just to hang out and play games!

Once a month we get together and try to solve coding challenges together. It is called a “Hack-a-Thon” and you are invited. It is so much fun! 

Do you like to play games? Of course you do, and so do all Coder Athletes! You will be invited to come to our game nights each month for fun and prizes!

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