For this lesson, you can use any of your previous places that you have created from other lessons. You can create a separate `Part` for the ***Lava Block***.

Otherwise, you can follow the instructions below!

To start, we need to open Roblox Studio and select `Classic Baseplate` as our template.

Once you click on it, you should be greeted with this screen.

Now that you have created a Roblox place, ***click on `Part`*** to create a block in our world. You should have a grey part placed onto your baseplate.

Make sure to select the `Part` in the `Explorer` window, found on the right of your screen.

After you select it, click on `Model` on the top bar of the window and click on the `Anchor` button. Or the quickest way to do it is pressing **Alt + A** at the same time!

This makes sure that our `Part` does not fly over the place when we try to move it with our script.

The last step we need to do is make it look like a lava block. We can do that through the `Model` tab and selecting the `Part`. Then, you go to ***Color*** and click the arrow below it to select a red colour.