Once it has checked everything and is satisfied with your math problem, the calculator starts solving it. It goes step by step, exactly how you would do on paper. If you gave it “2 + 3”, it will first identify that you want to add two numbers, then it finds out those numbers are 2 and 3. Finally, it performs the addition and keeps the result ready. It does this for all types of problems, whether it’s addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or exponentiation.  

In the end, after going through all the steps, the calculator proudly shows you the result. It says “Solution: “, followed by the answer to your problem. Isn’t that fantastic? This project’s purpose is to help you with simple calculations without needing to do them manually. And the best part is, it’s done in such a way that it makes sure the problem you gave is valid and solvable. So, that’s our Python Calculator – your new math buddy! Isn’t it exciting?