## Learning Objectives
> * Understand the process of scripting, such as creating scripts and being able to identify interface elements like the Output Window.

> * Utilize data types, and variables use strings to print messages to the Output window and change object properties.

## Series Description
For anyone interested in learning computer science or coding, this serves as a foundational series. This series is recommended for anyone interested in taking other coding lessons in Roblox Studio.

## Series Contents

Article | Description
:– | :–
Creating a Script | Learn how to create new script objects and print messages to the Output window.
Object Properties | Change the color of a part using just code
Parents and Children | Instead of calling out a specific part name, learn how to navigate the hierarchy to make code that will work for any part

# Tutorial

Click the link below to start!

Link: https://create.roblox.com/docs/education/coding-1/landing